Roti 1 Malaysia

【KL 必尝的 Roti 1 Malaysia 🇲🇾】
与家人或朋友聚会喝茶☕想必要是大家过年会做的事. 如果这个现年你想在KL找一个特别的mamak 喝茶的话就来«1 Malaysia Superman Mamak» 试试他们独一无二的Roti 1 Malaysia 吧!
什么是”Roti 1 Malaysia”? 它就是使用切片的roti tisu 撒上Milo 粉,麦片和花生碎制成的. 在别的地方是吃不到的哦! 这家mamak售卖的Maggie Goreng 也有不同的地方. 面条里加入了香肠, 沙丁鱼和sambal 一起炒, 味道特别香.

不喜欢吃沙丁鱼的可以试他们的Indomie Goreng, 然后加个香肠煎蛋, 简单的搭配却吃得很满足. 员工们也很友善, 有些还会说广东话和华语, 和顾客聊的开开心心的, 所以在这里吃东西肯定心情更好!
另外他们的 Nasi Lemak Kambing, Ayam Goreng Sambal, Roti Boom Cheese 也一样受欢迎.

1 Malaysia Superman Mamak (some call it Mr.Bean mamak because of the owner’s resemblance to him) is probably one of the most unique mamak stalls in KL.
It operates in the compound of a Chinese owned single storey house in Jinjang. They are famous for two things: “Roti 1 Malaysia” and Maggi Goreng.
The Roti 1 Malaysia is basically a roti tisu flattened into pieces then topped Milo powder, Nestum and crushed peanuts. It stays crispy and does not taste as sweet as it sounds, perfect as a snack to share with friends over a conversation.
As for their Maggi Goreng, it’s fried together with hot dog slices, chunks of sardine fish and sambal. Many people also opt for Indomie Goreng which is topped with telur mata or sausage omelette.
Some of the staff here can speak fluently in Cantonese and Mandarin which makes this mamak stall truly one of a kind and high in Malaysian spirit. Great spot to yamcha!
Roti 1 Malaysia – RM4.50
Indomie Goreng + Telur + Hot Dog – RM4.50
Roti Boom Cheese – RM3
Nasi Lemak – RM3
Nasi Lemak Kambing – RM9
【1 Malaysia Superman Mamak】
🏠 688 Lengkungan Jambu Gajus , Jinjang Selatan, 52000 Kuala Lumpur
☎ 016-975 0913
🕛 6.30pm – 3am
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