“Ji De Chi” Apam Balik

【记得吃 – 下料十足的班丹包】

Apam balik lovers, you seriously need to try this uncle’s pancakes. They are made using pandan flavored batter without any artificial coloring and are loaded with toasted peanuts.

The texture is perfect as the pancakes are not too thick and uncle is super generous with the peanuts. Every bite is filled with a sweet and nutty aroma, simply delicious. Besides the plain version, you can also order the pancakes with extra bananas and sweet corn.


“记得吃” 正庄班丹包/班丹香蕉包 (“Remember to Eat” Apam Balik)

Morning: Kepong Baru Market (near Shui Kee dessert stall)
Tuesday: Jalan Lang Kuning Pasar Malam (Kepong Baru Tambahan)
Thursday: Sri Rampai Pasar Malam (Setapak)
Friday: Taman Segar Pasar Malam (Cheras)

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