SHIN Tamagoyaki, The Starling Mall

玉子烧(日式蛋卷)源于日本, 本地几乎每家大大小小的日本餐厅都有提供. 但专卖玉子烧的店暂时就应该只有 《新玉子烧》 这一家.

《新玉子烧》位于 The Starling Mall 的地下室, 除了原味他们的菜单也有超多口味的玉子烧, 选择繁多实在有够诱人.

「Mentai Mayo Tamagoyaki」 是店里最畅销的口味, 就是在玉子烧上加了火烧过的明太子美乃滋. 鹹鹹香香的味道搭配着玉子烧蓬松软嫩的口感令人一吃就上瘾, 用来配饭当丼吃也一流😋!

为了保持玉子烧传统蓬松又嫩的口感, 这里用着的蛋烧机是老板特地从日本订制回来的. 而且每份玉子烧都是人工烹调及翻转, 过程蛮考功夫的. 价格方面很大众化, 都保持在RM5.90 和 RM14.90之间.

**3月10日(星期六)正式开幕当天他们将会有 “Tamagoyaki Stick 买一送一” 的优惠. 想试的朋友们别错过了~!

Tamagoyaki (Japanese Rolled Omelette) is commonly available in every Japanese restaurant, but SHIN Tamagoyaki is the first and only shop in Malaysia that specializes in this dish.

Located at the basement of The Starling Mall, SHIN Tamagoyaki lets you enjoy Tamagoyaki in a dozen of ways: original in a block, on a to-go stick, with toppings or with rice.

To maintain the Tamagoyaki’s intended texture, the custom-built machine used to prepare the omelette was purposely imported all the way from Japan.

If you can only try one item, get their best-seller which is Mentai Mayo Tamagoyaki. The savory mentai mayo sauce pairs really well with the faintly sweet and delicate omelette which translates to a burst of flavor in every bite. Highly recommended.

**During their official launch on 10th March (Saturday), they will be having a BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion for their Tamagoyaki sticks. So mark your calendars today!

Original Tamagoyaki Stick – 5.9
Original Tamagoyaki Block – 14.90

Tamagoyaki with toppings:
Mentai Mayo – 8.90
Tuna Mayo – 11.90
Chuka Hotate – 14.90
Cabbage – 8.90
Potato Ham – 11.90
Chuka Idako – 14.90

Side orders:
Tori Karaage Don – 13.90
Tamago Mentai Don – 13.90
Fried Tamago – 9.90
Tori Karaage – 9.90
Japanese Oolong Tea / Brown Rice Green Tea – 4.90
Japanese Rice with Furikake – 3.90

【新玉子烧 – SHIN Tamagoyaki】
🏠 Lot K-B-003, Basement, The Starling Mall
🕛10am – 10pm
Facebook: SHIN Tamagoyaki

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